What is affiliate marketing?

It all start in the 90,s.with the increase of search engines like google yahoo and bing.The internet turns into a massive ecommerce platform.Website owners where creating quality content.And providing enormous benefits to their visitors.Website owners wanted to get paid for their hard work and so began affiliatemarketing.Affiliate marketing is big 11,1 miljard a year.In the beginning companies didn't,t pay very well that has chanced.When you started with affiliate marketing I strongly advice you to do research,look if the company is reliable and read reviews!You can make money fast with affiliate marketing.I recommended clickbank,clickbank is big with 200 millions of visitors every year in 90/countries.Clickbank pays you 50 percent of the product you promoot.Affibank.com is another reliable digital retailer.Pays 75 percent! Affibank.pays always on time.Affiliate marketing is a very good opportunity to make money.Affiliate marketing is also about  how to promote you,re affiliate link.A few tips:There are backlinkers that are google trusted such as small seo tools and realbacklinks in a few seconds you have quality backlinks.You can use sitewebinfo more then 4000 good backlinks,start you,re day with it,and see you,re bankaccount grow.Backlinks are important and a google ranking factor! Also make a few accounts with twitter Facebook and google plus.Social signals are another ranking factor of Almighty google.You tube is the place to be,after google so number 2.How to make money with you tube,go to you,re google AdSense account and activitate you tube,making money is never been easier.Look for videos where you can place a link or ask to place a link.Of course you can make you,re own video,basic knowledge is necessary,there are free programs to find,make a video about you,re business,make it different from others,make a excellent show people what you can and concert you tube.

Created by Bvanbeek,seo expert.